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Explore how ByBlocks® can transform your design workflow today.
ByBlocks® is the first Figma design library that elevates the layout design in a visual identity system. It enables teams and individuals to efficiently create consistent, high-quality layouts, ensuring seamless integration into their brand's visual identity.
Versatile figma Design library
byblocks® is tailored to meet your design needs, utilizing the most common aspect ratios.
Copy and paste design layouts in figma
Dive into our curated design layouts, seamlessly copy your selection, and paste directly into your Figma canvas.
Ensuring Consistent Layouts
ByBlocks® empowers creators to bring their brand's story to life with compelling, consistent layouts.
final design
design layout
High-Quality Deliverables, every time
Simplify your workflow ensuring efficient creation of high-quality, brand-aligned layouts.
Examples of various design layouts from the library.
regular updates
Design is constantly evolving. This library stays updated with new design layouts, ensuring you always have the most relevant resources readily available.
No Frills, Just facts
Brand Design & Strategy
ex.MediaMonks — Worked with Nike, Estée Lauder, Braun, Riot Games, Samsung & more.
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Enhanced design workflow
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Efficiency in figma
Dive into a design experience tailored exclusively for Figma users. byblocks' library seamlessly integrates with your Figma workflow, empowering you to elevate your designs with ease.
Brand Consistency
Our library ensures uniformity in your visual outputs, vital for maintaining brand integrity across all your channels.
Reliable Quality
We commit to excellence in every layout, ensuring your deliverables resonate with professionalism and precision.
Seats are limited. Launching in December.
Join us at ByBlocks for an experience where professional rigor meets innovative design solutions.
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